The Engaged Volunteer Podcast

Volunteerism is considered the backbone of our communities and yet, organizations often forget that volunteering is a two-way street. A good volunteer program thinks about how volunteers can enrich their organization. A GREAT volunteer program considers not only what volunteers can do for them but also what they can do for their volunteers and in turn, the community.

The Engaged Volunteer Podcast aims to bring together leaders from around the world to learn more about volunteer management. From finding a career managing volunteers, to the challenges, successes and learnings along the way, The Engaged Volunteer shines the spotlight on what it means to be a volunteer and how to be a good volunteer manager. 

Hosted by Rosterfy’s Co Founder, Shannan Gove, each episode of the podcast will feature volunteer managers (and volunteers themselves) to share their insights on how to deliver a successful volunteer management program that benefits their organization alongside the volunteers and communities they work alongside. 

A new episode of The Engaged Volunteer podcast will be released fortnightly.

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The first three episodes of The Engaged Volunteer Podcast will be released on Wednesday 2 November (AEST). Take a look at our upcoming guests below. 

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#1 Building the Volunteer Management Program for the Super Bowl

Lisa Urban, Director of Community Ambassador Program, Tampa Bay Super Bowl LV Host Committee

Ever wondered how one of the world’s biggest events manages their volunteer management program? Well wonder no more! 

On this episode of the podcast we are privileged to get an inside, step by step look into what it takes to deliver one of the most celebrated events globally. From the unique nature of Sports Commissions in the US and what the Super Bowl means from a community engagement point of view, through to how to recruit, screen and train over 10,000 volunteers, this podcast is packed full of tips and learnings for best practice volunteer engagement. 

As events globally are now forced to implement real changes to ensure that their staff, volunteers and participants feel safe from COVID-19, we also discuss the introduction of online training sessions and the importance of communication when it comes to COVID safe practices. 

Episode to be released Wednesday 2 December


Tracey ONeil Image The Engaged Volunteer Podcast 2

#2 Not 'just' a volunteer

Tracey O'Neill, Manager of Volunteer Engagement, Austin Health

With over 20 years of experience managing volunteers, Tracey is passionate about including volunteers as part of the workforce and that they’re not ‘just’ another volunteer. 

In this podcast, we talk about the important role Volunteer Managers play in creating incredible experiences for their volunteers and the communities that they serve. We also discuss the challenges of making organizations appreciate just how important volunteers are as a resource to help organizations achieve their mission and some helpful tips to guide you through these difficult conversations. 

This podcast also touches on the impacts of Covid-19 on volunteering including the important role volunteering will play in the Covid-19 recovery around mental health. As we face a worldwide mental health crisis, volunteering needs to be on the agenda to ensure that we are supporting people’s mental health. 

Episode to be released Wednesday 2 December


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#3 From Volunteer to Head of Staffing

Jack Coles, Workforce Planner, FIFA

In this podcast, Jack discusses the highs and lows of workforce management including the importance of engaging your staff and putting human needs first to empower your workforce to help you and your organization succeed. 

From working on the contractor side, supplying thousands of staff at some of the UK’s biggest music festivals and dealing with the chaotic and often unpredictable nature of events through to his insights working on ground at the FIFA World Cup in Russia, there’s a lot to learn from Jack’s leadership including the importance of remaining calm under pressure and remembering to smile, and enjoy yourself.

Episode to be released Wednesday 2 December