September 21st 2020

Below you will find all of our product updates for September 21st 2020:


  • System Spanish language translation
  • Admin user will now see common related actions after performing tasks
  • Admin user are now provided an example form entry field and explanation when creating attributes
  • Admin user will now receive notifications for long running tasks via the admin console in addition to email notifications
  • Admin user are now provided live progress updates for reports that are being generated
  • Admin user when importing can bulk update and remove attribute options using


  • Admin user can now create invitations with custom page content



  • SCORM 3rd party training support
  • Admin user can bulk assign candidates to training by email address


  • Admin user can now define how long after shift completion that candidates can self check-out
  • Users now have more filter options when filtering shift listings
  • Users can now self check-out via the My Shifts widget on the portal dashboard


  • Admin user can now export encrypted data from admin listings
  • Admin user can now filter candidates on the number of shifts they are assigned to
  • Admin user can now filter candidates on they total attended hours
  • Admin user are now provided a detailed example and explanation around report types during report creation