Security Updates

At Rosterfy, we are always maintaining the security of the system and delivering on our commitment to protecting data. That's why we have made a number of enhancements to continuously align with security standards. 

Please read on to see the updates that have been made and also how administrators can join the charge of securing their database.

- To support data privacy compliance, Rosterfy has been deployed into new regions and is now active in Australia, Ireland, Germany, and the USA.

- Password complexity policy enforcement including password history (workforce and administrators alike, cannot use one of their previous 5 passwords).

- Account lockout: after 7 attempts to login to an account, the account will be locked for 30 minutes. An administrator can unlock the account, or create a password reset.

- Reports have an expiration of 2 weeks. Anything expired can be regenerated with new data. Once regenerated, users whose data has been deleted or expired will be removed from our servers. 

- Workforce can now request deletion of their account.

- Custom account deletion; you can customise what data is retained when an account is deleted. This provides flexibility for non-GDPR compliant clients who may wish to retain a certain workforce member's details.

- Improvements to system penetration testing (to identify any malicious activity) and load testing for even greater system performance.

- Custom access to Rosterfy system modules to control administrator access.

- Rosterfy now allows end users the ability to request deletion of their personal data, in line with GDPR policy.