November 30th 2020

Below you will find all of our product updates for November 30th 2020:

Release Notes


  • Organise the portal profile page by adding tabs on the profile from the content.
  • Once the tabs are added this will organise attributes into each tab.
  • Create address attribute type to add following questions or restrict the country selection with Advance validation.
  • A system attribute that calculates the age based on date of birth entered. Age is available within columns, filters, groups and reports.
  • Copy across account function Checkpoints, communication templates and training can now be copied from the Parent (main) account to a sub account. When copying you can select the location of the copy when you have multiple accounts. Copying must be initiated from the Actions button while editing.


  • On the Event settings you can now allow for the shift demand to be visible on application. This will provide visibility of shifts that are available to be applied for.
  • You can now promote events to make it easier for users to apply for events directly from the portal dashboard.
  • Shift patterns allows you to create templates for recurring shifts to quickly create them based up on that template.The pattern can then be used from the Actions button to create identical shifts within a defined period.
  • On the Event listing page there is now Apply button to allow Users to quickly apply for Events from the Portal dashboard. Apply button disregards if there is a Expression of Interest form added.


  • Admin users can create a Training User Form and generate url for training which will allow for users to complete training modules without creating an account or setting up a profile.
  • After training has been completed there can be a score given for correct answers and recorded on the Training user list
  • Another advanced training setting to remove the ability to retake the training after completion. Removing the retake ability makes the training into a quiz.


  • When a role offer is created there is the option to calculate the demand that is required for the role based on a formula.