November 2nd 2020

Below you will find all of our product updates for November 2nd 2020:

Release video

Release Notes


New module – Headcount

The new module headcount planning is to assist in organising your users that you are ready to make a role offer. The module contains:

Functional area- A Functional area is an organizational unit for a number of related job titles

Job title- The role that the volunteer can perform.
Location- The place the role which could be the city or country.

Venue - The stadium or facility of the role .
Role offer- An overview of the job titles that have been offered based on the Job title, location and venue 

New rule logic AND/OR on listing

When creating a filter on the listing you can now use an AND logic and OR logic within the filter to give your search more flexibility
Portal Content added from checkpoint

As part of the user journey and creating a checkpoint, you are now able to go directly to the checkpoints respective portal dashboard to design what user see. Dates exported in standard formatAll dates and times that are exported from a listing are in a format that allows for re-import.  
This is to speed up any bulk changes that need to be done via data import.


Custom user journey invitations

When sending an invitation, you are able to select a specific registration form, user type and checkpoint to be created at account creation. This is useful for creating different user type.

Additional System translations

Translations that are currently on the system are English (US), English (UK), English (AU), English (BB), Spanish (ES), Dutch (NL), German (DE). The update further customises the local phrases, so if using English (UK)  you see county instead of state for example.

Approve/manage profile picture in user listing

Profile pictures that are available in user or group user listing can now be edited. Once edited you can manage the profile picture verification or edit the picture.


Check in/out at shift user listing

The shift user listing now contains a button to checkin and check out a user to add flexibility to the admin checkin process.

Team leader mode always available for admin

Admin user with the Event/Shift permission can automatically go into leader mode to view events and checkin users.

Default shift feedback for organisation

The shift feedback form can now be added by default on the account level within the Event on the Organisation setting. Once added it will apply automatically to all created Events.


OpenID single sign-on

Open id SSO is now possible to allow for a simple way for an organisation to securely implement Single sign on