May 26th, 2020

Below you will find all of our product updates for May 26th, 2020:



  • Improved impersonate functionality so Admin users can still use the Admin console while impersonating another user.
  • Admin users can save/load filter rules.
  • Admin users can create an automation that can trigger on a date. For automated birthday communications or anniversary renewals.
  • Admin users can generate invitation QR codes.
  • All users have a popup when their internet connection is interrupted or connection is too slow.
  • Admin users can send communication from the User listing.
  • Admin users can now archive Groups.
  • Improve User import to allow different phone number formats numerical dialling code eg. +61123456789


  • Admin users can publish and preview Training.
  • Admin users can duplicate Training step.


  • Admin users can create Inventory items and assign them to Users for redemption at check-in/check-out
  • Admin users can create automated Inventory item allocation rules to automatically assign Inventory to user based on
    • Total Number of shifts completed
    • Total number of events completed
    • Total shift hours completed 


  • Users can now Confirm shifts from the Portal dashboard and other shift listings when they are in a Pending status.


  • Admin users can define the number of hours before a Event Shift starts they can Withdraw or Apply.