June 9th, 2020

Below you will find all of our product updates for June 9th, 2020:



  • New onboarding setup guide for admin users.
  • Admin users can now use an advanced User sidebar search on every page .
  • Updated multiselect entity type, so that option can be searched for as well as manually selecting.
  • Attribute categories can now be created within the Attribute section.
  • .xls, xlsx and .csv are now supported file types.
  • Large video, SCORM and .zip file types can now be upload to File module.


  • Inventory items can be assigned via an automation Action.
  • Item expiration interface can be defined by days, hours and minutes.


  • Users can now confirm/reject all shifts using 2 new merge links:
  • Group users are now able to be assigned to shifts with option for any additional users to be automatically added.


  • Admin users can archive training, so that it does not display on the training list . Any users that have already completed the training will still see the training on their Portal.


  • 3 additional user dashboards can now be created to show segmentation of the user database. The system attributes,
    Year of birth (Date of birth attribute), Region and Country can now be display as  a count graph on the Account User dashboard.
  • Attended hours is now a column available to show the total hours of shift attendance.

Please login to the helpcenter for more information on the product updates.