June 23rd, 2020

Below you will find all of our product updates for June 23rd, 2020:



  • Admin users will get a log out alert after being idle for 30 minutes. This can be overriden by the checking the "Remember me" when logging in.
  • New integrations module for 3rd party integrations
  • Admin modules have been reorganised for easier access and use
  • Admin console actions has been improved
  • Admin users can now drag and drop any users from an advanced search into a group
  • Admin users can create groups using an import


  • Admin user in the user list can filter by permission roles
  • Admin users can import phone numbers without a country code. The phone number will assume account country if missing
  • Admin users do not need to user the attribute id when generating the group rule
  • Admin users can use user type to select a profile
  • User types can be assigned with automations


  • Admin users can copy an event without copying shift
  • Portal events can be displayed in a tiled view with additional event detail


  • New shifts will default to the event timezone
  • Team leader can only perform checkin in leader mode 24 hours before a shift


  • An email delivery dashboard widget shows the delivery status of job by date
  • Email history displays opens and clicks


  • Email recipient job report has Open and clicks as an available column
  • 2 new user dashboards for training
    • Training activity displays training taken by day
    • Training completion displays total completed training

Please login to the helpcenter for more information on the product updates.