An array of features to better manage your staff and volunteers

Rosterfy is an easy to use, intuitive and flexible platform designed to manage your volunteer and paid staff efficiently and seamlessly. Our feature list has been developed alongside the industries best workforce managers to leave our clients finding opportunities rather than brick walls when it comes to creating the best workforce management programs possible.

Below are a few of our Core, Necessity and Peace of Mind features to give you an idea of how Rosterfy can help you.

Core features

Make it your own

Rosterfy offers the unique ability to completely customise the user console and volunteer portal to your specific needs.

Take advantage of a custom sub-domain to make it feel like your very own portal - create the look, feel and tone matched to your brand.

Build your team

Whether you’re starting from scratch, have a loyal database on hand, or perhaps a combination of the two, Rosterfy can help get you event started.

Create your own custom registration form/s using our comprehensive registration form builder and start recruiting today.

Alternatively, upload your existing database straight to the Rosterfy platform with our simple to use import functionality.

Optimise communications

Engaging your staff and volunteers, maintaining communications for the duration of your event and tracking your communication activity couldn’t be easier!

Rosterfy can help you create customised emails and templates to share all your event news, plus track all email and SMS activity to ensure staff and volunteers are receiving and reviewing your event news.

Rosterfy can also analyse email activity to help you understand how to optimise future communications.

Volunteer portal

Rosterfy's Volunteer portal provides a comprehensive solution to keep your staff and volunteers engaged and informed when it comes to your brand and events.

Here, staff and volunteers can keep their details up to date, apply, change or withdraw from upcoming opportunities, view relevant and timely event information, access their full communications history and so much more. 

Event builder

Design your custom demand requirements with Rosterfy’s user friendly platform or import from an existing spreadsheet.

Rosterfy makes it simple and efficient to create as little or as many shifts, roles and positions required to run your event, ready to share with your workforce straight away.

Rostering made easy

Whether your workforce is applying for or being assigned to upcoming opportunities, Rosterfy offers advanced search functionality to assist you in scheduling the right people to the right roles.

Skills, experience, location, suitability and availability are all taken in to account, saving you time and providing peace of mind.

Necessity Features

Segment your database

Rosterfy's Group Manager assists with the effective management of your staff and volunteer database.

Segment your workforce using any combination of your staff and volunteer's profile data to assist with screening, scheduling, role assignment, targeted communications and opportunities, plus so much more.

Staff and volunteer screening

Your staff and volunteers are the face of you brand. We help you ensure you’re choosing, building and maintaining a strong volunteer and staff database with history and background checks whilst utilising the smarts of Rosterfy’s online interview screening process.

The interview screening process helps build out your interview by creating screening questions with answers automatically being uploaded to a candidate’s portal page. The information is there and ready whenever needed.

Automated scheduling

Let Rosterfy do all the hard work for you when it comes to staffing your event with the right people, using our automated scheduling tool.

Using clever algorithms, Rosterythm reviews all applicable candidates taking into account shift hours allowed per week, qualifications, preference of location and time of day, and then fills your event shifts for you, ready for you to review. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Create custom emails

Keep your staff and volunteers engaged with the ability to send newsletters and campaign emails to your database. Create loyal and informed staff and volunteers, by maintaining communication around your upcoming events and create a legacy that your workforce can buy in to.

Not only can you completely customise the look and feel of your campaign emails, you can also access analytics to optimise future communications.

Staff and volunteer training

Before your staff or volunteers step foot on your event site, we help make sure all the basic staff and volunteer training requirements to fulfil each role is complete.

Whether it be OH&S training or understanding your company values, it's easy to create engaging and informative training / induction modules that are customisable based on your event needs. Well informed staff and volunteers ensures a smooth event.

Attendance tracking

Rosterfy’s Check-In and Check-Out function allows for accurate tracking of all staff and volunteer attendance during an event.

This function allows you to see when staff and volunteers check in and out of their shifts, this helps Event Leaders understand shift gaps immediately and report staff timesheets accurately. A staff or volunteer profile photo and full name is a standard feature for easy identification.

Dashboard analytics

Tracking your event information couldn’t be easier!

No more wasted manual hours calculating, tracking and graphing staff and volunteer data. Let Rosterfy’s intuitive interface do all the hard work for you - in an easy to read, colour coded format too!

Dynamic reporting tool

Complete all your event reporting in seconds! Take advantage of Rosterfy's dynamic and flexible reporting tool suited to your individual needs.

This includes but is not limited to: shift summaries, time sheets, training reports and check-in data. All reporting information is easy to access and ready for download across various multi-media.

Acknowledge your team

Show your appreciation and acknowledge your team for a job well done. Send your staff and volunteers a post event email, complete with event photos, event summary, upcoming opportunities and a volunteer certificate.

You can also maintain an engaged and loyal workforce by utilising Rosterfy’s customisable reward and recognition features.

We offer peace of mind

  • Reach us 24/7

    Our Client Success Management team aren’t your ordinary - they’ll ensure you hit the ground running to help create a stress-free, successful event.

    You will receive access to our extensive library of training documentation and have the ability to submit requests via our online support platform 24/7.

  • On-site support at your fingertips

    Make the most of our knowledge and experience with on-site support during your event.

    Rosterfy can become a true extension of your volunteer and staffing team.

  • We're multi-lingual

    We offer Event Staff and Volunteer Managers the ability to connect and engage with volunteers across Rosterfy’s multi-lingual portal, including translating event and shift information.

  • Safe & Secure

    Rosterfy encorporates industry leading data security to keep your database safe.

    Whether it’s background check data, personal staff and volunteer information or event bank details, Rosterfy provides a secure and reliable data storage solution – safeguarding your assets.

  • Seamless Migration

    Whether you’re replacing your existing system/s with Rosterfy or using Rosterfy in conjunction with your current operation, we can accommodate the transfer of data with a seamless migration.

  • Continuous enhancement

    We are constantly evolving and enhancing the product offering to our clients, in order to support you with the successful delivery of your event/s.

    At Rosterfy, we not only encourage feedback, we actually utilise this feedback to deliver a platform which continually pushes the boundaries and provides you with a progressive and industry-leading solution.

    We also accept independent feature requests, please speak to your dedicated Client Success Manager about this today.