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What is event accreditation?

Event accreditation is a key component to large scale events and helps to ensure the right people are where they need to be, which in turn helps to keep an event secure. Its purpose is multi-functional, including:

Identification In its simplest form, event accreditation is a means to identify event staff. Accreditation is traditionally handed out during check in, with details including name, contact number and organiSation detailed as well as a photo of the workforcer to ensure it doesn’t get in the wrong hands.  

Access Aside from identification the major purpose of event accreditation is access. Event accreditation ensures the right people have access to the right areas, which helps to ensure security is maintained at all times. Types of access can vary from Access All Areas (AAA) to Restricted Access, which may permit access to only part of an event.  

Per Diems When dealing with hundreds of staff that require meals three times daily, it simply isn’t efficient to have everyone checking in individually to secure their meal vouchers. Accreditation can often serve as ‘cash card’ that provides staff with a platform to scan and redeem their meals quickly from selected vendors.  

Security All events typically have restricted areas that are reserved for VIPs, Entertainment, Staff etc. To help security staff do their job successfully, event accreditation is an essential visual for knowing who has access to which areas, without having to ask an individual every time.