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Rosterfy vs Google forms

EWG Client Success Coordinator, Kariah White, shares her thoughts on ‘How Rosterfy is Better than Google Forms and Survey Monkey’.

Workforce management is more than just a registration form, in fact, that’s the easy bit! Scheduling, communicating and checking in a workforce require a lot more time and effort than simply collecting data. The team at Event Workforce Group know this only too well. Whether it be a simple Google Doc or Survey form, workforce managers around the globe are still working off the inevitable Excel spreadsheet. Why? Because all too often that is the only process they know.

Managing your workforce data and schedule in a spreadsheet is slow, messy and risky; not to mention the nightmare of version control and trying to keep the data secure.

Rosterfy is global-leading, digital workforce management platform. Enabling event organisers or workforce managers to employ a fully integrated scheduling software for their event staff and volunteers.

What are the top three features that stand us apart?

Custom Registration Form

Select from either a one page or multi-page registration from. Choose and utilise 24 system default questions on your registration form or add an unlimited amount of custom questions choosing from 17 different question types. You can add unique Registration Terms and Conditions too. You can also customise the look and feel of your registration form with your own branding, and create email templates that will automatically send once a User signs up. Once registered, the data stays in the system. No spreadsheet download necessary.

Online Workforce Portal

Give your users access to all critical event information through their online user portal- they will be able to access after registration.

Customer Service

Event Workforce Group Technology is more than just a technology solution. We want your event to be a success no matter what challenges you face. Make use of our various online support features and industry leading knowledge base at any time. We are the workforce management experts and by your side every step of the way.

To put it simply, Rosterfy is much more than just a simple online form. Although Rosterfy has a wide range of features, even our free Starter Mode shows more benefits and customisation than Google Forms or Survey Monkey.