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Rosterfy to partner with Sterling Volunteers

Rosterfy are excited to announce that they will be partnering with Sterling Volunteers to allow administrators the ability to conduct high quality and efficient screening and background checks for volunteers. 

The integration will help to ensure a safer environment for volunteers and organizations alike, streamlining this process to ensure peace of mind when it comes to workforce engagement. 

The partnership will benefit sporting federations, major events and non for profits as well as other event organisations that Rosterfy currently partner with.

Bennett Merriman, Co-Founder of Rosterfy, is excited for the opportunities this brings forth for their clients. 

“Ensuring the safety of your workforce and event is paramount so the decision to integrate with an industry leading background check provider. The partnership will enable our clients to simultaneously recruit and screen their workforce, which is a huge value add to our product and something we’re really excited about.” Merriman said. 

Beverly McIntosh, Vice President of Strategic Programs, Sterling Volunteers, is equally excited about how the partnership will help to strengthen both organizations current service offering. 

“Rosterfy are working with some of the biggest events and organizations worldwide, so we are thrilled to be working alongside them to ensure the safest approach when it comes to recruiting and screening volunteers.”

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can become one of Rosterfy’s partners, please contact Bennett Merriman