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Live data - The key to a global community

Success is built upon the live experience. Ensuring digital engagement and a personal touch takes considerable effort, energy and resources but when implemented efficiently, it can be the key to advancing an event deeper into a global community. 

The Australian Open continues to lead the sporting world in every aspect across multiple metrics.

812,174 fans attended over two weeks that included a record single day of 93,709 attendees on the middle Saturday. The broadcast is live for 215 countries across more than 52 channels, which translates to 900 million homes daily. 

Finn Bradshaw, Head of Digital Strategy at Tennis Australia, shared with us on a LinkedIn post of the two main objectives for 2020:

  1. Increase video engagement with offsite audience. 
  2. Better showcase the onsite experience through AO app.

Centred around live data, these objectives look to provide value in real time. The results are as follows: 

  • 10.05M users – up 50.4% y/y
  • Official AO App: 1.03M users, of whom 345k searched for a POI on the map
  • Videos on web and app up 130%
  • YouTube views up 85%
  • AO Shop beat budget by 50%, triple last year's revenue

Behind the scenes, a large volume of volunteers and event casuals came together to deliver a high quality personal experience. Rosterfy were proud to provide the workforce management platform for the 550 staff across 2782 shifts and 18,362 hours controlled through our mobile check-in portal where the flexibility in handling logistics, improving the connection between workforce management, team leaders and staff proved to be a smashing success for all.

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