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Event customisation through Rosterfy

Even the same event year after year will have changing requirements, making customisation an important element of any online event management platform. Rosterfy allows you to customise your event through the following:

  • Create Shifts: Create multiple shifts featuring unique event content including times, dates, location and onsite event contacts.
  • Copy Shifts: Although each shift is unique, there will be times when some of your shits will share important information. Rather than manually copying this information for every shift, Rosterfy allows you to copy a pre-existing shift, which auto populates in your template. From here you can tweak and change as you see fit!
  • Training: Some roles will be more complicated than others. To ensure you get the most out of your staff, Rosterfy provides the opportunity to add training into your registration portal.

Groups: At times you will require a certain set of skills to perform a role at your event. Rosterfy allows you to restrict viewing to those staff that match your requirement, saving you time by not having to sift through applications manually.