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Doing sport differently

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As we begin the transition towards returning, coming together in our tribes and with our families and with friends, a greater acceptance of doing things differently we all share.

Having had the time and space to slow down and listen more outside the normal orbit than usuaI provides an opportunity  to further delve into the reasoning and knowledge behind doing things differently. When you open your ears, eyes and minds there really are  plenty of ideas ready to be considered. This has been rewarding in endless directions.

In an open letter to every volunteer and participant, Rob Dalton, Acting CEO, Sport Australia has written on how sport “can play a prominent role in lifting the nation’s energy and spirits again.” View the full letter here.

Sport Australia’s AusPlay research conducted just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic revealed that 3.1 million Australians were volunteers with the largest age segment being 35-54-year-old parents.

To further quote Rob Dalton. “Sport has the largest volunteer base in this country and one study has previously valued this contribution at $3 billion per year. The reality is sport’s volunteers are priceless. Australian sport, as we know it, cannot survive without them.”

On our screens recently, the NRL burst forth, built upon boldness and collaboration across all levels of the game. For many this was a great step towards the new ‘normal’ with the community understandably excited for sport to resume. Inspired by the leadership of Peter V’landys, looking after one's mental health and wellbeing can’t be underestimated - “ultimately people perform when they are in a good emotional state, when they are feeling there is a bit of positivity there.”

An unlikely admirer in Opera Australia, CEO Rory Jeffes stated, “if we as a sector sit and wait to be told when we can go back into theatres, and on what terms, then it will be forever. If we learn from the outcomes of the NRL, in how you go about forging your own way of doing it, and bring the government with you, then I think we have a hope of getting back.” 

In doing things differently, we also begin to find that digital literacy and competency becomes better. We are more accepting that things are different, and change is ok.

Broadcast of sport as we know it is likely to change, with streaming on demand likely to harness the interest and scale of the audience from elite to grassroot level. Innovators LIGR have been producing clean live video feed of matches for some years, now scaling up from experience and growth to deliver next generation live content across digital platforms.

We have seen innovation from Australian netballers, Sarah Wall and Kim Green who established NETFIT, an online netball program with weekly fitness videos, coaching tips and netball plans to keep netballers game ready.  With more than 100K registrations for programs and a staggering 100M+ views on TikTok based upon “meticulous planning, design, care and creativity” NETFIT is just one great example of how change, with an open mind can always be considered as an opportunity.

The momentum, interest and energy with sport at the centre in binding communities to lift our spirits is happening, encouraging things to be done differently.

If we can help ahead with the planning and delivery for a safe return, when the timing is right, Rosterfy welcomes the opportunity to discuss further the ways in which we can help. 

Please stay in good health, stay strong and smile