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CEO Thoughts - June

“And I can announce the host country of the FIFA Womens World Cup 2023 which will be Australia, New Zealand. Congratulations and thank you very much.”

With those twenty-six words, FIFA President Gianni Infantino sent joy, hope and elation through the sensory systems of so many. For this we thank you.

How much of an impact will the 2023 Women’s World Cup have on the sporting community across Australia and New Zealand?

Purely by the economic projections, FFA forecast the value of the event at $286M. Ernst and Young have estimated the Net Present Value to be greater than $465M beyond 2028 when calculating the flow on benefits to tourism outcomes, health benefits and social programs.

The infrastructure needed is mostly in place with much of the $300M projected for facilities likely for upgrades and enhancements. A new training base will be enormously appreciated by the players and all those with the team in preparation.

One of the metrics speculated captures the attention as to how profound the influence is likely to be was put forward by the FFA around participation. At present, football has approximately 2M registered players of which women make up 22% of Australia’s participation base with players born in over 150 different nations. The expectation is that the figure is set to rise with FFA’s Gender Equality Action Plan which aims to have 50% gender participation split by 2027.

The drawing power, encouraging women to pursue other elements of football will also be boosted. The roles of coaching, managing, match official, sports medicine, wellbeing, operations along with community and family support will create a huge surge of growth.

Now, the Matildas truly and rightfully can be positioned as a unifying symbol of the game. 

And when the time arrives in 2023, should the magnificent Megan Rapinoe lead the current champions down under, stand back.

At Rosterfy, we will be poised and ready to throw all of our efforts and energy into making this event as enjoyable and successful as possible for all the volunteers involved across the community with FIFA.

Kudos FIFA. Kudos FFA. As one, bring it on.