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CEO Thoughts - April

As April fades towards a close, a month that usually brings a tsunami of change in life activities around sporting season, family birthdays, Easter and impending winter the words from my dear sister (we are born on the same day, yet five years apart) as the Principal at a regional primary school keep reminding me:

Stay Strong – Stay Safe – Stay United!

Yet, what a month.

During the first week of April, a deeply respected partner remarked to me that she was finding the whole experience “intense and energy sapping” being “more tired” at the end of every day, whenever the end of that day would arrive. 

The generous access, and open thoughts, from so many friends and colleagues, not unlike the above, has been of great support as the waves of emotions, logic and confusion flow continuously.

During the month, our team has shared as many difficult moments as there have been productive ones. At times, the emotions of frustration in being physically disconnected are as prevalent with the adapting and adjusting compassion and support towards each other. 

However, it now seems apparent that light, more than a flicker, is beginning to emerge with substance as we start to think positively towards the other side.

At Rosterfy, our continued focus to learn from experience, challenge logic and strategy through the lens of where the new normal is heading to improve standards of collaboration in tools and method regularly brings us back to quality of live data.

How events are presented ahead, will be an altered version of what we have known. Many will transition into a form of digital, online or remote version with the underpinning philosophy of connecting still firmly in place.

Essential functions to register, recruit, engage, screen, train and schedule will still exist in some form. The basis of our planning in how best to adapt is based on being able to reflect upon most recent experience with iconic, established and admired events in the Australian Open and ICC T20 World Cup.

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The ability to access, understand and utilise live data better in the moment allows us to be more productive with digital tools.

If and when the timing in May is suitable, any conversation around the review and planning of process and methods ahead in preparing for return, we are here and available.

Please stay in good health, stay strong and smile. 

Andrew Walton