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CEO Note - September

The Great Reset

As we grind through the stages of lockdown, an eerie silence fills the night replacing the usual rhythm and beats of sound that fill the inner suburbs that are doused by curfew.

A quiet that rekindles memories of growing up in a small country town.

A time when life seemed far simpler.

Yet as we toil onwards, navigating through the information avalanche, that which is either thrust in our direction or which we accidentally uncover, provides mirth and inspiration.

From all the confected and curated content viewed through this lens, when in need of a smile and lift, I keep coming back to the amazing Senator Amanda Stoker who delightfully during a Senate Select Committee on COVID-19 gave a wonderful masterclass in handling home life with her daughters helping in their own way.

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As a father of two sons in primary school (age 9 and 5) and relying heavily on the amazing support from Carolyn to keep us all on some sort of daily track around education and allowed recreation, being thankful seems less than adequate. Change is being thrust upon us all, no matter our location, vocation or demographic.

During late July, a personal flat spot was hit that arrived from seemingly nowhere. A useful method I have always found, a conditioning from coaching sport for decades, is the visibility of messages and affirmations. Out came another sheet of poster paper and the markers to make notes for a form of antidote – “Smile More!”

Completely from the subconscious, I knew that I had to make note of my good friend Brendan, who has always lifted others up to make them feel good. 

Brendan plays cricket representing his club, state and country for the Visually Impaired. Brendan plays sport in the category B1.  He is totally blind. 

After creating the “Smile More” poster and moving beyond the flatness, my attention was towards reflecting that there are those who move amongst us who have never known much different when faced with the obstacles currently being navigated in a lockdown environment. In so many cases the issues that are being lived with can be handled to an extent, yet the generosity and support of volunteers is essential for quality of life care and wellbeing. 

A call with Brendan placed this in perspective and kindly provided a confidence boost.

Brendan is constantly on a crusade for independence as he handles every day with an optimistic intent that is inspiring. His loyal companion, Warren the black Labrador “who loves dancing on two feet”, is always present and part of our conversations.  

We are limited in what can be currently experienced together due to travel restrictions and the distance between us, however soon will arrive the time where Brendan can be on the field and feeling the happiness of competing.

Brendan fears nothing. Always inspiring.

One of our biggest supporters for the community, spreading joy and happiness are the worlds volunteers. The need for support in the shape of time and effort by volunteers will still be essential across so many valuable and socially responsible activities in bringing our community together.

Together we have found that time for doing things we enjoy and value is much easier to uncover than thought from a recent past complicated by the endless rush in being somewhere that now can be effectively handled through better organisation and technology.

If there has been one positive of COVID19 it has highlighted the goodness of humanity with volunteers embracing digital technologies to enable them to give back in their own unique way. From making masks to adopting a ‘health care worker’ to running exercise classes, the goodness of humanity has never been more prevalent and champions the saying that ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’.

From our recent survey of active volunteers, 89% responded they would feel comfortable volunteering at events of 100 or more people in the next 6-12 months. This is so encouraging.

“Never underestimate the power of your volunteers and the networks that they can bring to the table as well as how they can be leveraged, ” Sarah Clements, General Manager, Mother's Day Classic Foundation.

The team at Rosterfy have been working hard his month to deliver our COVID Volunteer Handbook, designed to help you and your organization harness the power of volunteers through COVID and beyond. They'll also help to put a smile on your face!

The time has arrived for the great reset.