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Connecting communities to events and causes they are passionate about.

Having recently completed a reset of the strategic plan for Rosterfy, looking ahead as best we can into 2021 and beyond, the review of our purpose, vision and mission covered many directions and thought patterns that have emerged in 2020, far different to how we have planned before.

Like many businesses, we were anticipating a high level of confidence for growth in 2020. The need to rearrange priorities, test logic and adapt has been a remarkable achievement by all members of our team. Many of us, bring along community involvements of which volunteering is deeply ingrained. We have been able to call upon this extra layer of understanding to drive the planning direction and agreement of objectives.

From a local focus in the sport and recreation sector, volunteers perform critical roles. Volunteers are champions of our community, as coaches, officials, team managers, administrators, board and committee members, among other positions. 

Volunteer participation of more than 1M Victorians who donate their time and energy to community sport and recreation clubs as a labour input has been estimated to be valued at AUD$1.5Bn annually. The direct economic, productivity and volunteer benefits from sport creates a total economic value of approximately $15 Bn annually.  This is the equivalent in time of nearly 30,0000 additional full-time jobs in Victoria (source: Volunteering Australia 2017; Sports Australia 2019).

Thanks to all who participated in the Rosterfy Volunteer Survey as the results delivered a valuable cross reference alongside some of the excellent research conducted by many in the industry over recent months. Some of the key take away points as follows:

  • 67% of volunteers surveyed participate in 21+ shifts of activity per annum;
  • 47% are either unlikely or very unlikely to volunteer at events unless modifications are made;
  • 57% would not feel comfortable volunteering at an event gathering of 100 people+ until at least 6 months;
  • Safety PPE for masks, plastic barriers, hand sanitizer, gloves and hand washing stations are expected to be in place by 90% of respondents.

Rapidly, we are moving into accepting a new level of safe and contactless methods with a need to provide digital and technology support.

“Volunteers are one of the most important assets of the 3.9 million Victorians that play sport.  We need to re-imagine how we engage volunteer champions and show thanks to our communities, giving them the digital tools they need to make volunteer life as easy and satisfying as possible,” said John R Persico, Australian Sports Technologies Network.

In May 2020, the Australian Sports Foundation opened a survey to collect detailed information from 4,127 unique sporting organisations on how the COVID-19 crisis has affected community sports clubs, its participants, and its volunteers that revealed “the shutdown of local sport and the impact of COVID-19 on local economies cost community sports clubs an estimated $1.6bn.”

Key findings include from the ASF:

  • 93% of all clubs surveyed have lost money since the onset of COVID-19;
  • Up to 80% of clubs forecast ongoing reductions in core revenue streams;
  • 97% of all clubs surveyed face additional COVID-19 related costs;
  • 16,000 community sports clubs are at risk of closure if financial support is not provided;
  • Up to 43% of sports clubs projecting a decline in volunteering;
  • The estimated support needed is $1.2Bn across Australia’s 70,000 community sports clubs;

“Community sport is one of the most efficient ways of delivering wellbeing outcomes for the population. It provides physical activity, social connection, meaning and purpose—key protective factors for physical and mental health.”

The roadmap from here is beginning to emerge. We are thankful for the contributions shared from our network of clients, partners and colleagues as we shift from reset into action.

Overall, the fundamental base and mission for connecting communities is unchanged.