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The Miami Dolphins Special Teams - The Heart of the Community

Recently, Rosterfy’s Dom Leyden had the privilege of catching up with Leslie Nixon and Callie Newbanks from the Miami Dolphins Special Teams program to hear more about their incredible journey from The Super Bowl’s volunteer program to one of the most successful community engagement programs worldwide. Some key takeaways for any organization looking to better engage their volunteers and create a lasting legacy. 

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  • Virtual Volunteering

    A Guide to Virtual Volunteering

    With much of the world currently experiencing some form of lockdown and opportunities for volunteering in the physical capacity limited, virtual volunteering provides a great opportunity to still achieve that ‘helpers high’, all from the comfort of your own home. 

  • Where to post volunteer opportunities

    Where to Post Volunteer Opportunities

    It can be an overwhelming experience trying to find the best place to start when it comes to selecting the right event and/or cause to volunteer with. That’s why organizations need to make sure that their volunteer opportunities are unique, engaging and most importantly, easy to find. 

    We have put together some of the best volunteer recruitment websites, which can be used by events, not for profits and charities to ensure their volunteer opportunities are fulfilled. 

  • Top 5 Places to Find Volunteers

    Top 5 Places to Find Volunteers

    Finding the right volunteers for your organization is crucial to the success of your event and/or cause. Whether you’re looking for volunteers to assist with your event, complete administrative tasks or package meals for those in need, Rosterfy has come up with the top five best places to find and recruit volunteers within your community. 

  • CEO Note v5

    CEO Note - September

    One of our biggest supporters for the community, spreading joy and happiness are the worlds volunteers. The need for support in the shape of time and effort by volunteers will still be essential across so many valuable and socially responsible activities in bringing our community together.

  • AMPSEA Webinar v5

    AMPSEA Webinar: Q&A with Executive Team

    AMPSEA Executive Committee members Chris Heverin, Susan Calvert and Brendon Downey provide an update on the latest at AMPSEA and invite the audience to join in an open Q & A session to cover your most important topics., including AMPSEAs approach to government funding, event permitting and the future of AMPSEA.

  • CEO Note August

    CEO Note - August

    From a local focus in the sport and recreation sector, volunteers perform critical roles. Volunteers are champions of our community, as coaches, officials, team managers, administrators, board and committee members, among other positions. 

  • AMPSEA Webinar 4

    AMPSEA Webinar: COVID Event Permitting

    As part of a series of webinars,  join Executive Committee members, Lenny Chong and Hailey Mason as they share practical tips on how to navigate the new landscape of event permitting with regard to creating COVID safe events.

  • GivenGain

    media release

    Rosterfy teams up with GivenGain

    Rosterfy has teamed up with GivenGain, the global online fundraising platform, so event organizers can manage their volunteers and online fundraising all in one place. Easy to use, intuitive and flexible, Rosterfy is designed to manage your event’s volunteer and paid staff efficiently and seamlessly.

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Atlanta Super Bowl

"An incredible fit!"

"In our experience, [Rosterfy] has been an incredible fit," Hendrickson said. "The partnership, the flexibility, the level of attention-to-detail. It's graphically appealing and easy to navigate. We have volunteers who run the full gamete of ages 18 and up - and to be able to connect with that entire audience is really important to us and something that Rosterfy has been able to provide."

Lee Hendrickson,
Vice President Community Engagement and Volunteer Programs, Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee

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Colorado State University

"It is cost-effective, scalable, and is not only easy to navigate administratively, but is quite attractive to the Gen Z students too"

"Though we have access to other online, electronic resources, we extensively researched volunteer management systems that would specifically fit our needs in versatile and valuable ways. Rosterfy quickly rose to the top. It is certainly cost-effective, scalable, and is not only easy to navigate administratively, but is apparently quite attractive to the Gen Z students we work with regularly. They find it visually appealing, and enjoy the volunteer portal, where they can find all communications, as well as certificates of completion, and words of gratitude before, during, and after volunteering. Overall, we look forward to optimizing our Rosterfy experience, and would suggest it for other higher education institutions looking for time-saving technology that is secure, innovative, and effective!”

Sarah Stephens.
Senior Program Coordinator of Community Engagement
Colorado State University

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Cancer Council Victoria

"It’s made our lives so much easier!"

“Rosterfy has changed the face of how we run Daffodil Day. It enables us to manages the volunteers en-mass in a way that keeps them engaged and keeps them feeling loved. Managing 1,600 to 1,800 people on spreadsheets didn’t give our volunteer team any capacity to look at the volunteering experience – it was all focused on the act of rostering.

“We can retain our volunteer database year-on-year because we’ve improved the technology, their experiences and their training – it’s made our lives so much easier”

Jacinta Webster
Head of Volunteers,
Cancer Council Victoria

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London Marathon Events

"World class events need world class volunteers and staff and we believe Rosterfy are the solution."

Our event portfolio means we need to recruit and manage more than eight thousand volunteers and paid staff every year. World class events need world class volunteers and staff and we believe Rosterfy are the solution to enable us to recruit, inspire, manage and develop our volunteers and staff.

Hugh Brasher
Event Director
London Marathon Events

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houston superbowl

"A unique combination of knowledge and experience with a world leading platform"

"This year we have set a new bar for the NFL and successfully delivered the largest ever volunteer workforce for a Super Bowl with over 10,000 volunteers. Rosterfy has been at the core of every single touch point. From initial registration, screening, training, interviewing, assigning roles and shifts, through to game time check in and post event thankyou’s. The platform offers a true end-2- end solution to managing a complex, large scale program. I'm delighted that the success of this program has resulted in Minneapolis for SB LII, partnering with Rosterfy. With the team at Rosterfy being experienced event practitioners they offer a unique combination of knowledge and experience with a world leading platform."

Andy Newman, Director - Volunteer Program
Houston Super Bowl

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